Trans bodies & consent

What does being trans mean? How does it make consent unique?

Being trans means being or identifying with a gender other than what you were assigned at birth. The way we currently see gender is influenced by several factors including colonialism, and is oversimplified. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes including the gender binary.

Keep in Mind
– Everyone has different experiences, expectations, wants, and needs. All of these deserve respect and validation.
– Gender dysphoria can have an impact on someone’s sexual relationships.
– Using creative language is A-OK: It can make people feel secure and help their partners better understand their feelings
– There is no shame in enjoying something or asking for something!

Tips and Tools
– Don’t ask about other people’s bodies! They have no obligation to answer.
– Use safe words, and have a plan if things get uncomfortable.
– It’s okay to stop if you’re struggling with dysphoria during an intimate interaction.
– When you have a conversation with your partner about bodies and consent, build off your own experience – talk before getting intimate!

Your body belongs to you. You have complete control. You have the right to choice, pleasure, and fun. You don’t have to answer any questions. You get to choose what your body does.

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