Doin’ It is a sex-positive, queer-positive, pleasure-positive, body-positive sexual health resource for youth in Waterloo Region.

We envision a community where youth feel comfortable and confident talking about sex. We can make this happen by encouraging conversation, challenging shame and stigma, and giving youth accurate, relevant, meaningful knowledge and skills.

We encourage youth to write content for the website, so if you have something to add, let us know!

We also run an anonymous text service – if you have a question about sex, sexuality, or sexual health, text us at 519-569-9521.

A note on language:

  • When we say “sex” we mean any sexual activity, not just the ones that involve genitals
  • We want to talk about bodies in a way that includes trans people (some trans people don’t identify with the anatomical names for genitals and use different terms) so we say “vagina or fronthole” and “penis or strapless.” There are lots of different terms a person might use to describe their body. For simplicity’s sake, we’re using the most common ones.
  • For the same reasons, instead of saying “guys” or “girls,” we’ll be saying things like “a person with a uterus” or “a person with a penis or strapless” if there’s information that folks with those specific body parts might want to know.


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